Our constant commitment to respecting the environment

Our ISO 14001 certificationISO 14001


The Pavoncelli cured meats factory is committed to respecting the environment in which the premises are located, by means of the continuous improvement of production processes.


The company has been located for over 100 years in the Valpolicella area, a land of traditions as well as food and wine excellences, starting from its fine wines. Also for this very reason, the safeguarding of the environment in which the company works is of the utmost importance and which goes beyond the simple compliance of regulations set down by law, a principle that constitutes the indispensable starting point of our way of doing business.


Also, for each company choice made, the relative impact on the environment is assessed to seek for solutions that minimise such impact on the lands and rivers in the Valpolicella area.

Moreover, when it is possible, the company adopts technologies aimed at recovering energy or the exploitation of renewable energy sources. One example is provided by the photovoltaic system installed on the factory roof.
This vision has enabled the company to maintain the ISO 14001 certification for 15 years. This international standard, based on voluntary participation, can be applied to any type of public or private organisation and it specifies the requirements of an environmental management system.


An organisation with a certified environmental management system manages its activities within an ecological context and shows its commitment towards limiting pollution, fulfilling legal requirements and other business-related regulations, to continuously improve its environmental management system and to globally optimise its performance while respecting the environment.